Eve: The Awakening Review

Title: Eve: The Awakening

Author: Jenna Moreci

Rating: a pair of two small stars

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This book makes about as much sense as that insult. The story opens with the main character Evelyn Kingston who is a chimera. Chimera’s are some sort of advanced version of humans with all of the typical powers you see in stories; super speed, strength and enhanced healing. They also have telekinesis. Anyway, Eve goes off to college at Billington to run away from her past where everyone knew she was a chimera because people hate chimeras in this universe. And then there are these aliens who came to earth and are kidnapping chimeras and doing live dissections on them to find out how to get their telekinesis.

Just looking at the synopsis on the back of the book, I thought this was going to be an amazing action-packed sci-fi. Boy, was I wrong.

Before I crack open the many (and I mean many plot holes of this book) lets analyse the characters.

Evelyn (Special Snowflake) Kingston: *Sigh* I swear, I’ve read some Mary Sue’s before, but this character may be the Mary Sue-est Mary Sue to ever Mary Sue. Eve is a chimera, who went through emergence (getting her powers) at age 8 when her parents died (hero cliche #1). She’s the youngest chimera to ever go through the emergence because everyone else is around 20 when they do. Now, you’d think that everyone would know her name, but I’ll get to that later.

Now, usually, chimera’s can’t telekinesis-lift things very large. We see later in the story when Eve is at a chimera club, they are usually only lifting things like pennies and beer bottles. What can Eve do? Well she ‘s our protagonist so obviously she should be able to LIFT DOZENS OF PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

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I’m all for having a protagonist that can do amazing things, but overpowering them to the point where she’s literally over a 100x stronger than her own race? Lazy writing. And over specializing the special snowflake.

Jason (Edward Cullen) Valentine: I thought people had learned that creating a character who’s life revolves around the main character was a bad idea. I was wrong. Jason doesn’t do anything other than make sure Eve is okay. Love Eve. Kiss Eve (and every one of their kissing scenes is the same). Worship the ground Eve’s feet walk on. He has no personality. So much so that there’s not much to say about him.

Percy (so two-dimensional I don’t even remember his last name): This character is a human. The only thing he adds to the super-alien-fighting team is that he can shoot guns. Lots of people can shoot guns. I’m sure even Moreci thought that he was too flat of a character, so she decided to make him gay. It did not add to his character. It just made him feel forced into the plot.

Sanchez (even more pointless than Percy): This guy offers even less than the “amazing shot guy.” All he does is like explosions. And he does create a weapon for the group, but he calls it the Dirty Sanchez so I don’t even want to acknowledge it.

JJ (emo hacker): She’s a cliche emo hacker. Why are all of your characters stereotypes Moreci? Seriously if there is one more-

Armaan (young Indian doctor): *face-palm* who allowed this book to get published?

Could the story get even worse after all of those characters? Yes. Yes, it does. In fact, the amount of plot holes and lazy writing in this story is astounding.

First off, how do people not know who Eve is? She went through emergence at age 8 and went on trial for first-degree murder (because she squished the guy who car crashed into her parents with a truck). So, how is it that when she moves to a city only a few hours away from her home that people suddenly have no idea? And don’t give me that maybe-she-wasn’t-that-famous crap. When she was selling her skateboard in the first chapter the guy wouldn’t give her that much money for it because her name would drag down the interest.

What was the point of the first chapter? I understand that the author wanted us to see that Eve’s life sucks, but the whole selling-the-skateboard scene was unnecessary. And then we get to see the first alien attack and it does nothing. Because apparently these aliens aren’t killing people and they’ve been here for forty years. I would appreciate the author’s changing of the usual cliche way that aliens are perceived in stories nowadays, if she didn’t totally contradict that in the next chapter.

Why does everyone say “dynamic” and “hammer”? Whenever someone is describing something as awesome, they say dynamic. I would understand if this was one character and that was their sort of “catchphrase” but it’s every character. And dynamic isn’t even that popular of a word. And whenever someone is describing someone as an asshole, they call them a hammer. I don’t even know what that means. And the author used these about twenty times in the book.

What was the point of the first half of the book? This book is over five hundred pages. And in the first half, it was slow moving and nothing even happened. So, what was the point? Why couldn’t you have started when that interloper (the name of the aliens) attacked the poker party? That would’ve been a great start!

If this is set in the future, why is it exactly the same as right now? This book is supposed to be set about seventy years in the future or so, and yet the only thing that has changed, is that we now have holograms instead of TVs and video games. People still dress the same, talk the same and pretty much everything in the word is the same. That’s just extremely lazy writing to not develop the world that your story is taking place in. The author didn’t have to go full Tolkien, but a little something would’ve been nice.

Does Eve not know how to formal? This is more of a little nitpick of mine, but it was such a stupid scene that I couldn’t help but include this. When Eve is getting ready for Jason’s 21st birthday, she gets her hair and makeup done, and then proceeds to unzip her hoodie and for some reason PULLS IT OVER HER HEAD! Congratulations. You now have a million frizzies. She then takes her dress (which has a zipper and is strapless) and PULLS IT OVER HER HEAD! Congratulations, you now have two million frizzies and smudged lipstick. And then, she takes her gun and straps it to her thigh. I’m sorry, you just described how you were in nothing but your bra and panties earlier. Where did you get a thigh holster for your gun?

Why are there so many unrealistic killings of Interlopers? The first time Eve and the Scooby-Doo gang kill off an alien, they almost die and it takes everything out of them. The second time, well, all they had to do was smash it against the floor. Simple right? WRONG! Because they smashed the first interloper against the floor and the wall the first time, and did kept fighting. And then there is the unrealistic, most bullshit scene I’ve ever laid eyes on since watching Transformers. On pages 340 to 344, the Scooby-Do gang are fighting off an army of aliens (around a hundred). And they are only armed with handguns and the dreaded, horribly named Dirty Sanchez. Somehow, they are able to kill off all of these aliens and everyone survives. And then they’re able to walk home afterward!!!!

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I stopped reading after they were able to keep some probe thing from being confiscated by the government. It was just getting too ridiculous.

I really wanted to like this book because I love Jenna’s videos on YouTube. But, apparently knowing and doing are two different things. Jenna is very intelligent on how to write your characters and plan out the story, but she has problems executing it.

The reason I gave this book two stars is because it had potential, but fell pretty flat for the first half of the book.

I recommend this book for people who don’t understand what a plot hole is.

Good Day.

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