Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Title: Beauty and the Beast

Maker: Disney

Rating: stuck in the middle with three stars

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If you just wanted to see the cartoon turned into a live action movie, then by all means, go ahead and watch this movie. That was all that it was. The writers and directors went out of their way to keep everything about the movie the same as it was before: the same songs, same scenes, and even some of the same lines.

While it was just a copy and paste version of the original Disney movie, there were some differences that made it a little better. For one, they gave a backstory for both the Beast and Belle. It was nice to see why they were the way they were and how they grew throughout the relationship. But because they wanted to fit so much into this movie (singing songs), the back story for the Beast was cut short and we only really got to see Belle’s. I would’ve preferred to see the Beast’s. After all, he is the one who had the curse set upon him because he was so selfish and mean. Don’t shrug off that story with a few sentences.

As for the relationship, it was a slight insta-romance. I know that the whole point of Beauty and the Beast is that they are supposed to fall in love, but are they supposed to fall in love so quick? It was maybe a few days at the most that they spent together. That seems like an awfully short amount of time to fall in love. In fact, the whole movie felt very rushed.

My ultimate favorite thing about the movie was Belle. In this version, she wasn’t just a pretty face who loved to read. She still loved books, but was also an inventor and fearless against the Beast. She was a real inspiration to girls everywhere that being badass is cool. Emma Watson did a really good job with her character.

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As for my recommendation: if you want to see Beauty and the Beast with the exact same story as before but with a little more depth.

Call me crazy if you want, but I think if you are going to remake something, then tell the story in a different way.

Also (and this is just a little poke at the directors), if the town is so against Belle because she can read, I doubt they would let women come along to help kill the Beast. Just saying.

Good day.

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