Some Boys Review

Title: Some Boys

Author: Patty Blount

Rating: One Badass Star + Two Asshole Stars + One Amazing Story = Four

I love this book and yet hate it at the same time. This story follows the life of Grace Collier who was raped by the golden boy at a party in the woods, but since she was drunk no one believes her. Her friends dump her, people go around calling her a slut, and her own father thinks that it was her fault.

I have just one thing to say.

Grace (FUCKING BADASS!!!!) Collier: I want to be her so badly. She may be one of the strongest characters I’ve ever read. Everyone turned their backs on her (except for her mom) and she was able to continue walking into school every day with her head up high. She stood up to anyone who tried to ridicule her and was downright admirable.

She was so brave throughout this story and always claimed that she wanted to do the right thing, not take the easy way out. While you see her putting up with all of this bullying, you also see her break down and by the end of the book, she almost kills herself. But she stops because she doesn’t want to take the easy way out. I applaud this girl and everything she does.

Ian (I hate this guy) Russell: This guy… I am so angry I can’t find the words to describe this guy. He was the guy who found Grace in the woods (he was late to the party) bleeding and naked. He was the one who took her to the hospital. You know who else he is? He is another person who doesn’t believe she was raped!

Really? Are you that dumb? Or were you just too weak willed to go up against your friends and claim that you knew the truth? Either way, I still think you’re trash.

And this is the guy who is supposed to be her love interest.

Zac (Other Piece of Trash) McMahon: This guy was the one who raped our badass MC. She went out with him, saw him for the selfish tool that he was and broke up with him. Then his tiny ego couldn’t handle it and thus came the plot. Honestly, this guy is a douche. That’s all he does throughout the book is be a douche. There isn’t much else to say about him.

Moving on.

The story doesn’t just focus on Grace dealing this the aftermath of being raped, it also shows views of the different sexes. Like how girls see boys and how boys see girls. It’s very nice to know that some guys can be respectable, and it’s also fair for the author to point out that girls can be horndogs, too.

Like when Ian is hanging out with his friends and sees innocent little Lindsey (she’s not that important to the story, just this scene) making out with two guys at the same time so her best friend can have a shot with this other guy. Honestly, it made me want to vomit when reading about that. It breaks my heart that some people are so desperate for friends or love that they would do stuff like that.

Back on the subject of rape, this book also points out many problems that come out after a girl was raped.

“The cops wanted to know if I was Zac’s girlfriend, if I was drinking, doing drugs, if I ever worked as a stripper, if I ever kissed Zac before that night. What the hell does any of that have to do with what happened? Do the laws against sexual assault not apply to strippers? To girlfriends?”

“He thinks because I went to the woods, drank alcohol, and dressed the way I dress, I should have expected this to happen. That I actually wanted it to happen.”

“Why does he care if I wear eye-black like the football team? It’s my face. It’s my body. I can dress it up or down however I want. Why is that such a hard concept for guys to accept? All that crap Jax said about dressing to be noticed-being noticed is fine. But being noticed isn’t the same as being ridiculed, insulted, ostracized, shamed. Being noticed isn’t an open invitation to guys to do whatever they want to me.”

“You know, I totally get why schools have uniforms now. Maybe the entire town-no, no-the whole country should have a dress code. Everybody wears the same damn thing so nobody’s a slut, nobody’s a goth, nobody’s a jock or a hipster or a nerd. No pressure! No responsibility! One size fits all!”

“I get why she dresses like a heavy metal chick, but the high-heeled boots? The skin-tight clothes? There is no question that Grace is hot and noticeable. Why can’t she just-I don’t know-wear sweats and not wash her hair if she want to be the opposite of her dad’s wife? It’s like the people who leave their doors unlocked and then cry when they’re robbed. Why are girls not smart about this?”

I don’t get how people could ever place blame on the victim of a sexual assault. It doesn’t matter what they were wearing, the assailant was the one with no self-control. That’s it. Case closed. The only thing that matters.

Then of course in the end when Ian finds a video that proves Zac raped Grace, suddenly he’s the good guy. And then everyone is coming up the Grace and apologizing… AND SHE FORGIVES THEM!

The reason this story only got four stars instead of five, is because of the unrealistic world that this book was set in. I understand that victims of sexual assault go through similar things like this, but odds are that not everyone would turn against them and charges wouldn’t be pressed. But I understand that the author set the story in this world to make a point on how alienated you can feel after something as life changing as rape happens to you and no one is on your side.

I love this book, and always will. But I hate every character except Grace and the ending.

Recommends for: EVERYONE!

Good day.

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