The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Title: The Fast and the Furious

Maker: Universal

Rating: Three and a Half Cars (haha… I’m bad at puns)

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In honor of the new Fast and Furious movie coming out, I thought it would be nice to go back and watch all of the Fast and Furious movies to build up to the new one coming out. First up, is the first one (duh!)

This movie was pretty good if you want to just sit and not worry about thinking too hard because the plot focuses more on the street racing than it does anything else. It felt like Universal just wanted to make a cool movie with tricked out cars and girls in bikini tops. That’s fine. If I ever want to just sit and watch a movie and relax, I’ll take up this one.

However, since my writer mind can detect plot holes, these are a few I just can’t let go.

Is this a restaurant or a convenience store? At the beginning of the movie, we see Brian enter what looks to be a convenience store, but orders food from the counter like it’s some sort of diner. What? Was Universal too lazy to find an actual diner and just took over some convenience store somewhere?

These people will drop ten grand on a car but won’t buy a decent tv? You see Dom and his ‘crew’ riding around in fancy cars with neon paint jobs and a whole lot of n2o. But after the barbecue scene where Brian and Mia are doing the dishes, you see everyone else in the living room watching a movie on a tv that keeps hitting static. Why not buy a decent tv if you have the money?

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Why didn’t they suspect Brian of being a cop sooner? The first street race that Brian shows up at gets busted by the cops. Now, I don’t know how often street racers get busted, but that is bound to make some people suspicious considering no one has seen him around before. And then after Dom asks Brian if he’s a cop and Brian says ‘no,’ Dom is just like “good enough for me.” Yes, because he couldn’t possibly be lying.

What was the point of the street race Ferrari scene? I think the only reason for this is was because there hadn’t been a racing scene in a few minutes.

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What the hell is this truck driver trying to do? In what should’ve been the final car race/chase thing scene (?), we see Dom and his ‘crew’ are trying to rob the truck and the driver pulls out a fucking shotgun and starts shooting. Again, I’m not an expert, but I don’t think that truck drivers are allowed to open fire on people.

And this brings me to…

What kind of heist is this? So the plan is to harpoon onto the truck, climb inside and then knock out the driver and steal the truck…

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And then there are a few things at the end that didn’t make sense. Like how when Brian calls for an ambulance, a helicopter shows up, but there are no police. Aren’t the police supposed to show up at all 911 calls? Like how those Asian people totally miss Dom when they’re shooting at him and he has no cover, but manage to get Jesse who was at least behind a car. Like how Dom and Brian have some weird last race at the end because it’s a car racing movie. Like how Dom should be dead when he gets in a car accident going at around at least 100mph and his car flips over and back again. I could understand if maybe he lived after that and needed to be hospitalized. But he gets up with just a few scraps and bruises.

I still liked the movie though, don’t get me wrong. It had that twist to it where it made you think since everyone is telling you that Dom is behind the robberies that you think it’s someone else but then it turns out to actually be him.


My recommendation: watch this if you just want to watch a movie to have a good time and see some cool cars.

Good day.

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