Vampire Academy (Book)

Title: Vampire Academy

Author: Richelle Mead

Rating: 3.9

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(Dhampir: half moroi, half human

Moroi: mortal vampire

Strigoi: immortal vampire

Bloodwhore: human or dhampir who lets a moroi drink from them during sex)

This book was pretty amazing. I would have given it four stars but I had a few complaints. Before I get into that though, let’s break down the characters.

Rose Hathaway (smartmouth badass): TAKE NOTE AUTHORS! THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE A CHARACTER! At the beginning, Rose was a smart mouth, irresponsible girl, but by the end, she had grown into the woman she needed to be to protect her friend. This is how you do character development people. It does not happen overnight, and there has to be a motivation. Rose Hathaway is on my list of favorite characters.

And just because she’s a badass, doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about anyone. In fact, her love for her best friend Lissa is what makes her so badass. She took so many blows for her because she cared too much to leave her.

And my favorite part about this character, she’s a badass female character who doesn’t slut shame.

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Lissa Dragomir (quick switch to bitch): This character, was a little iffy for me in the beginning. She didn’t have much confidence in standing up for herself so we saw why her best friend was so protective. Then, when Rose starts to go through too much, we see Lissa step up to the plate and start to grow a badass attitude as well. Of course, she does start to go crazy due to overuse of her magic. But that gets solved in the end with the help of drugs.

Dimitri Belikov (Love Interest #1): Dimitri was sort of your stereotypical badass love interest for the main character. He was the top guardian out of everywhere and was hyper focused on his job. He was also of the older, tall, dark, handsome gentleman type. Does this make him a bad character? No. The author simply took the skeleton of a cliche character and added her own flesh and blood to it.

Christian Ozera (Love Interest #2): I would be lying if I didn’t say that the scene where Christian sets someone on fire in the middle of class wasn’t one of my favorite scenes. Again, we have a stereotypical outcast who everyone ignores as the love interest. Christian grew up moroi just like Lissa, but his parents turned themselves strigoi. Then they were killed and he was shunned. His relationship with Lissa is very sweet, considering they both understand what it’s like to have no parents and be on the outs with the royal families.

Natalie Dashkov (Sir Talks a lot): She seems so innocent, that it’s hard to believe that she eventually kills someone to turn strigoi and free her evil uncle from prison. Of course, she soon dies afterward, but the point remains the same. Not everyone is who they seem.

Victor Dashkov (cliche bad guy with cliche motivation): as much as I loved this book, it still had its faults. Like with the main antagonist. He was pretending to be Lissa’s friend, but all along was trying to take her power for healing people so she could save his life and he could become king.

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You couldn’t come up with anything more original?

Okay, now for the story. I did enjoy it and would’ve liked to give it a higher rating because it brought some very important points to light. Like when Lissa uses her compulsion to get everyone on her side and leave Mia all alone with no friends. Some people may not have liked that because they believe the hero should take the high road, but sometimes, we are just as bad as our enemies.

And like how Lissa would cut herself if she ever felt her emotions becoming too strong and she needed a way to get them out. Mead explained why people cut and how it is a serious problem that people need help with. Not everyone is doing it for attention.

And lastly, it also showed the strong bond of two best friends who would do anything for each other. Rose was constantly taking blows for Lissa because Lissa didn’t yet know how to stand up for herself. But when Rose was willing to be called a Bloodwhore, Lissa realized that enough was enough and was going to fight back and protect her best friend.

But even with all these positives, there were still some things about the book that caused it go get a lower score. I was told that this was a vampire story, but I mostly got a bunch of high school drama until the very end. Granted, it is called Vampire Academy, but it still bothered me that it seemed to revolve more around the drama than giving me some awesome vampire story.

Secondly, and this one pisses me off the most, the lame ass battle at the end. IT WASN’T EVEN A BATTLE SCENE! THERE WAS NO CLIMAX! IT WAS OVER TOO QUICK!

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I get that Mead had a plan for something to happen after the battle and therefore wasn’t the real ‘climax,’ but I still expected more for a final battle scene.

All in all, I recommend this story for people who enjoy a look at the real world, with some high school drama mixed in.

Good day.

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