Orphan Black S:1E:01

Title: Orphan Black – Natural Selection

Maker: BBC America

Rating: Four and a Half Stars

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Honestly, I already thought this was going to be an interesting show before I started watching it. Then within the first episode, a woman commits suicide, the main character assumes her identity and steals $75,000 from her bank account, and a woman gets shot in the head at a funeral. Talk about a show opener.

So, the show opens with the main character, Sarah Manning, at the train station and she sees a woman jump in front of the train. The problem? The woman looks exactly like her. Naturally, Sarah is curious so she looks around the woman’s (who she now knows is named Elizabeth Childs) apartment for answers and finds a statement for a bank account with $75,000 in it.

Sarah is in desperate need of money to disappear from her dealer boyfriend (if that’s what he is I don’t know for sure) Vic the Dick. So she devises a plan with her former foster brother to steal the money and disappear with her child Kira.

There was some mystery in the background about where Sarah comes from and if Elizabeth Childs is her long-lost twin sister. Then, at the end of the episode, some German woman shows up looking exactly like Sarah as well and in need of a doctor. But before we can get answers, the woman is shot in the head.

There was a lot going on, but it was easy to follow and very entertaining. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys mysteries.

Good day.

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