Orphan Black S:1E:10


Title: Orphan Black – Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Maker: BBC America

Rating: All the stars!!!!!

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I honestly don’t know where to start with this show. Not only is the acting amazing (with every character even though half of them are played by the same person), but the story goes so deep I almost found fucking Narnia in there.

Okay, so our main character, Sarah Manning, is a clone. And so far there are nine or ten other clones out there (most of them dead by the hands of a clone though). I feel like everyone thinks Sarah is badass, but I also feel like one of her clones, Alison is pretty amazing, too. She kind of lost it towards the end of the season and started drinking a lot, torturing her husband, and screwing her best friends husband… but she was still fucking awesome. She never backed down and kept trying to go forward.

I feel like this show goes very deep into many issues and is not to appeal to children. Not just in the fact that there is violent and sexual content, but it the themes it’s portraying. Personal identity. Power. Property. Freedom.

Honestly, that season finale was more intense than other season finale’s I’ve seen. And it’s not because a little girl was kidnapped, (although that was pretty heartbreaking) it was hard to compare to the realization that the clones were patented. Property. Never to have any life of their own outside of what the organization who created them wants them to have.

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That, my friends, is terrifying.

Recommendation stands for people who like mysteries and are looking for a show to help them think about the world.

Good day.

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