Random fluffy cow because fluffy cows are awesome 🙂

So, I understand that I haven’t been very consistent when it comes to the content that I’m putting up on this website. I’ll be gone, disappeared for like a few weeks then suddenly come back and post something weird.

I probably should’ve stuck to just reviewing books for a while. To get a stable fan base and then moved onto doing other types of stories. I’m sure that’s what the classes say on managing social media shit.

On the other hand, I don’t want to follow those rules. If I want to post a review on a tv show, I’ll post it. If I want to talk about how stupid this one movie was, I will.

This is my website so I will do whatever I feel like on here. (But I will take requests if you want me to review something. Sometimes I run out of ideas.)

This is a very unstable website created and written by a very unstable person. Get with it.

Good day.

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