Orphan Black: Season Two

Title: Orphan Black – Season Two

Maker: BBC America

Rating: Full Marks!

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I went through all of these and a few more emotions while watching this season. The happiness pretty much only lasted for a few minutes with the fact that the season was readily available to me… and then the world of Orphan Black kicked in and the happiness was gone.

What it was replaced with were the usual amazingly corrupt world of science (fiction) and power struggles. Sarah (our MC) is still a badass bitch who will do anything for her kid. Alison, still a badass soccer mom who struggles to remain in control of her life. Cosima, still a badass scientist struggling with finding a cure to her own corrupt biology. Helena, still a BADASS!

Image result for helena gif orphan black

Helena is sister goals.

And now we have a new clone named Rachel. She is a “pro-clone” as she was raised self-aware and under the care of Dyad. She is a bitch, but not the good kind.

Anyway, this show was full of so many twists and turns that it’s hard to believe that there are only ten episodes per season. It’s revealed that Kira’s bone marrow is the cure for the disease hitting the clones, and Sarah is doing all she can to protect her, while Rachel is doing everything she can to get her hands on her.

Then at the end of the season, it’s revealed that the girls aren’t the only clones. There was Project Leda for the women, and Project Castor for the men.

And then the season ended which I wanted to punch the wall when they did that. THAT WAS SOME BULLSHIT! You do not leave me on a cliffhanger like that!

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Still an awesome show about control and family and all that.

Recommended for people who want some serious realism and an awesome show that just keeps giving!

Good day.

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