Riverdale S:1E:01

Archie Andrews starts the school year with the world weighing on his shoulders. He’s decided he wants to pursue a future in the music business, but his recently ended clandestine relationship with the music teacher has left him without a mentor, and his friendship with Jughead Jones is in a bad place. Things look like they might be turning around when Veronica Lodge, a new girl, arrives. Despite the instant chemistry, Veronica is hesitant to risk a friendship with Betty — who has a crush on Archie — to pursue anything. Amidst all the small-town banality lurks a mystery: the recent tragic death of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of the beautiful and popular troublemaker, Cheryl.

Title: Riverdale – Chapter One: The River’s Edge

Network: The CW

Rating: 3.9 Stars

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This show caught me by surprise. I honestly thought I would hate every second of it, and even though every character is more of a cliche than anything else, I still enjoyed it.

Archie (brooding artist jock) Andrews: This guy is basically every male protagonist. He’s hot, a football star, and wants a different future for himself than what his dad is forcing him to do. Not to mention, he also has a love interest that he can never be with because she’s his teacher. Okay, that part is a little less cliche, and still quite interesting, because the two were together the morning that Jason was killed and can’t say anything about what they saw because then they would have to say that they were together and BOY am I getting Pretty Little Liars flashbacks. Don’t know why I just am.

Betty (perfect best friend) Cooper: Betty is Archie’s best friend and is also madly in love with him. For some reason. I mean, he’s great and all, but could there be two people who are just friends for once and one of them isn’t secretly wanting to jump the others private parts? Other than Betty’s love for Archie, she is also now a cheerleader and has a certain hatred towards the Blossom family because of her sister’s relationship with Jason.

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The one thing that Betty did that I really admired, was that she didn’t wait forever to tell her feelings to Archie. She did it in the first episode. Very brave of her and so far I really like her character.

Veronica (Bad Bitch) Lodge: She has to be my favorite character so far. In her past life in New York City, she used to be a mean girl, but now her father is arrested and going through trials so her and her mother moved to Riverdale. She promised herself that she would be a better person, so she’s basically a nice girl with the confidence to back it up.

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Kevin (Gay Guy) Keller: Literally, the only thing we learn about this guy is that he’s gay. That is the one thing I don’t like about shows, book, movies, (other mediums that I can’t think of right now) today. They think if they make someone gay that they don’t have to give them any other personality traits. In Orphan Black, one of the main characters, Cosima, is gay. But do the writers focus on that? No, they round her out. They focus on her determination, her love of science and the fact that she loves her sisters.

If only these people did that for Kevin, I might’ve liked him more. Yes, this is only the first episode, but I am still utterly disappointed.

Cheryl (I’m a mean girl because I have money) Blossom: Cheryl is the mean girl of the story. She’s also the girl who lost her brother over the summer. However, that didn’t stop her from being a colossal bitch. She starts drama for no reason. For example, she has a party after the semi-formal and she forces Veronica and Archie into spending seven minutes in heaven together, just to get a reaction out of Betty. I seriously don’t like this chick on a personal level, nor a professional level (as the “bad guy”). If she would go jump off a cliff, that would be very, VERY, VERY nice.

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Jughead (why the fuck is your name Jughead?) Jones: We don’t know much about this guy other than he’s a past friend of Archie’s and he’s writing a book about the death of Jason Blossom. He is also the narrator and it looks like he is going to be one of those guys who just happens to know everything that is going on. The only real question I have at this time, is why the fuck is he named Jughead? Not judging, just wondering.

Okay, now despite all of these cliche characters, and the fact that it’s set in modern day but has very heavy 60’s vibes (like people saying “swell” and wearing pearl chain necklaces) I still find myself drawn to know what happens next. I’m more interested in the murder of Jason Blossom that what’s actually going on with the main characters and I’m not sure that’s what the writers intended, but whatever. I’m going to keep watching so they get what they want anyway.

I guess I recommend this show (so far) for people who like a little drama stirred into their murder mysteries.

Good day.

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