Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Review

Off the coast of Panama, treasure hunter Nathan “Nate” Drake and journalist Elena Fisher excavate the coffin of English explorer Sir Francis Drake, Nate’s supposed ancestor, whose ring (in Nate’s possession) has coordinates leading to that location. Instead of a body, the duo finds only a small notebook, which Nathan refuses to allow Elena to read. A small fleet of pirates attack their ship and set it on fire, destroying any record of their find save for the notebook and Elena’s camera. After getting her to safety, Nate holds a private discussion with Victor “Sully” Sullivan, his old friend and mentor. Based on clues provided by the notebook, he theorizes that Drake faked his death to cover up the discovery of El Dorado, an ancient city said to be made entirely of gold.

Title: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Developer: Naughty Dog

Rating: 4 Stars

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Uncharted is probably one of the best game series out there. And it all started with the first one, Drake’s Fortune.

Nathan (my ancestor is famous and yours isn’t) Drake: The best thing about Nate is the fact that he knows how to laugh. When they got attacked by pirates, in the beginning, he just went over to grab a gun and talked about how this was better than spending time in a Panamanian jail. And when his plane was getting shot at later, he was just like “this is so uncool!” This guy is so smart too, like a cooler version of Benjamin Gates.

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Way cooler…

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Elena (I care more about the story than my life) Fisher: Elena is a journalist that Nate hired to pay for the equipment needed to find Drake’s coffin. Of course, she didn’t appreciate when he left her on the docks and went to go find the treasure for himself. Luckily, she caught up to him and the two went after the treasure together, falling for each other in the process. Elena is also one of the cliche journalists who care more about the story than her own life, as seen when she grabs the camera before jumping off the boat to safety in the beginning, when she grabs the camera before jumping off the plane to safety when it was on fire, and when she hesitates to let go of the camera when she almost falls to her death. All that being said though, she is one tough cookie and can hold her own against the many armed thugs they came across while searching for the treasure.

Victor (my mustache brings all the ladies to my yard) Sullivan: Sully first shows up to save Nate and Elena when their boat is getting shot at by pirates. He appears to be a very greedy man but still has Nate’s back like a true friend. Of course, he does not show this kindness to anyone else because once Nate and Victor find out they’re going after El Dorado, he leaves Elena on the docks so he and Nate can find it without the news leaking out. He is still one of my favorite characters out of any story and eventually comes around to liking Elena.

There are a lot of positives about this game, like the variety of weapons available, the puzzles to figure out to advance to the next level, no filler content, and the best part of every Uncharted game: the scenery. The detailing in the forests and buildings is amazing, even on the PS3 version, and even better on the PS4 remastered version.

But, along with every game, there are a few negatives. For example, the ending. The game never gave much information on who we thought would be the villain to fight in the end, Gabriel Roman. So when it turned out that it was actually his right-hand man, Navarro, let’s just say a few were scratching their heads at that one. What makes a great villain is the one that is the most human with motivation and emotions. All we really knew about Navarro was that he was in a not so good place before Roman found him, but we don’t ever really learn much about him other than he’s the guy we need to fight in the end.

And the final battle wasn’t even that exciting. It starts out with another shooting segment, then moves to a simple quick time event.

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If you can manage to over look those few negatives, then congratulations, you might’ve given this game five stars!

But nothing gets past me. I still think it was a great game, but I can’t give it five stars with a one-star villain. For that, it gets four.

I recommend this for anyone who likes entertainment.

Good day.

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