Orphan Black S:3Ep:01

When Sarah witnesses the suicide of a woman, Beth (who looks like her) she decides to steal Beth’s identity — boyfriend and money included — in an attempt to begin a new life for herself and Kira, with whom Sarah hopes to reunite. But assuming Beth’s life — Sarah eventually learns that Beth was her clone — doesn’t go as smoothly as she anticipates because Beth was a cop caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy, making Sarah the new target. Sarah must fight to stay alive while trying to escape from the complex web.

Title: Orphan Black – The Weight of This Combination

Network: BBC America

Rating: Four Stars

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This show… this show holds a special place in my heart. I love the darkness that it brings to the table. It’s not just about clones. It’s about fighting for yourself when all the odds are stacked against you and the only people who are on your side, are just another version of  you.

Sarah (this bitch is awesome) Manning: Sarah, I can tell, is going to be really badass in this season. She is very motivated to find Helena and save her. Sarah has always been the “wild one,” but when it comes down to the fact, all she fights for is something anyone else would: their family. Sarah, (haha) you are the real MVP in my book.

Alison (functional alcoholic) Hendrix: I feel like Alison is going to go down a road with season. Her and Donnie have no money, and she is going to run for School Elect or something. I’ve always liked Alison. Her control-freakiness doesn’t bother me like it does with other characters. I just like Alison because she’s trying so hard to keep her perfect family in this imperfect situation and it’s just hilarious with her little laugh and mannerisms. I can’t wait to see what Alison does this season.

Cosima (most attractive) Niehaus: This just needs to be said, even if it makes no sense. Cosima is the most attractive. I don’t care if they are genetic identicals and all look the same, Cosima is the most attractive. Moving on, how the fuck is Cosima doing okay? She was just about to die in the last episode of the last season and now she is doing okay? I need answers and “science” won’t cut it.

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Helena (another badass bitch): Helena, Helena, Helena. Helena is in a box the entire first episode and… is she imagining the scorpion or is it really there? Either way. She’s been in that box for a while and I hope her baby is okay. She’s a lot like Sarah in the fact that she cares about her family and will put them first. I can’t imagine what she would do if something happened to that baby. For everyone else’s sake, that’s hope nothing happens to that baby.


This season looks to be shaping up to be pretty interesting. We have girl clones. We have boy clones. We have a baby on the way. We have a wayward sister. Let’s bring it on!

Good day.

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